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Designer of architectural environment - design and landscape in the cities of today and tomorrow



The art of punctuating Our Framework for Life

Planting – Installing in our spaces, on our routes

Creations that bring a poetic dimension and activate our imagination


Inspiration From Nature:
Lines, shapes, textures, colors, volumes, transparencies, lighting, empty spaces, full spaces, the living, the organic, minerals…



Water, glass, bronze, steel, wood, cast iron, lava, stone, stainless steel, paper, canvas, clay…

My garden: the principle place that offering me an infinite amount of compositions, of “living material” timelessly ingrained in movement.



To respond to the needs of the customer, by proposition of arrangement composed of functional and poetic elements installed in a beautiful place, emphasizing the patrimonial roots of a place.

To gather the best of the past, weave links with today, move toward an idea of simple harmony and accessibility and stroll in spaces where surprise and emotion greet one.




Tous les modèles et dessins sont déposés. All Rights Reserved ©Francoise Persouyre 2016 - Website designed by Caroline Baudinet -

Tous les modèles sont déposés - All rights reserved - ©2016 Francoise Persouyre - conception du site

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